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Huge Breast Hottest Sex Doll Buy Curvy Dior Premium

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Huge Breast Hottest Sex Doll Curvy Dior Premium Height:158CM Upper Breast:89CM lower Breast:54CM Waist:50CM Hip:85CM Shoulder:34CM Arm: (Inner arm long):55CM Leg:65CM (Measuring...
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Huge Breast Hottest Sex Doll Buy Curvy Dior Premium

Huge Breast Hottest Sex Doll Buy Curvy Dior Premium


Huge Breast Hottest Sex Doll Curvy Dior Premium

  • Height:158CM
  • Upper Breast:89CM
  • lower Breast:54CM
  • Waist:50CM
  • Hip:85CM
  • Shoulder:34CM
  • Arm: (Inner arm long):55CM
  • Leg:65CM (Measuring leg to heel length Inside)
  • Feet:20CM
  • Vaginal depth:17CM
  • Anal depth:15CM
  • Oral depth:12CM
  • Net weight:34kg
  • Gross weight: 41kg
  • Packing size:143*40*30cm

Do you want to get the distinctive sex pleasure that you never had before in life? You can get it with the huge breast sex doll that provides you immense pleasure of satisfaction. The hottest sex dolls contain a unique body design. You can imagine the hottest girl as your girlfriend, which will perform the sex styles of your choice and will never irritate you for having sex multiple times in a day.


Every girl wants a considerable breast size to attract the most beautiful boyfriend as the boys like the big size breast of their wife or girlfriend to have the immense pleasure of sex. However, the problem persists that only a few girls are gifted with big boobs, so you can buy curvy sex dolls to get the immense pleasure of sex by playing with the boobs of a huge breast sex doll. The skin of the hottest sex dolls made from soft material gives you feelings of a real-life partner while touching the boobs or body.  

User Reviews

The combination of big breast and hip size make you crazy while having sex. You can bend the hand and legs to make any sex style. Like other sex dolls, the huge breast sex doll provides you the sex of all sorts. You can do oral, vaginal, or anal sex with the hottest sex dolls. The pink color enlarged nipple enhances the beauty of huge breasts, which will charm you like a real partner.


Use of huge breast sex doll

The hottest sex dolls are designed only for users who want to get the immense pleasure of sex with big boobs. you can get the satisfaction of sucking the boobs and feel like a natural young girl breastfeeding. You can perform all kinds of sex styles with sex dolls.  Doggy style and cowgirl style are the most loving styles; you can achieve with the hottest sex doll.


 The huge breast sex doll is not for breast love only; you can perform oral, anal, or vaginal sex with it; so, what so ever will be your mood you can perform sex of your choice, and this is the sex doll which will neither irritate nor resist you for any style of love, unlike your wife or girlfriend. You can perform sex multiple times in a day.

Material Used

The huge breast sex doll made from soft material feels like a real young girl while touching any body part. The body of the hottest sex dolls is made from thermoplastic elastomer material that is softer than silicone.


The body of the huge breast sex doll designed provides safety to users during oral, vaginal, or anal sex. The mouth, vaginal and anal cavity shapes are designed appropriately to avoid any harmful consequences.

Body Adjustment

The hands and legs of a giant breast sex doll are adjustable; You can bend the body according to your choice. You can remove the head if you want to put some masks on the hottest sex dolls to create a sexy environment.


The body structure of giant boobs sex doll designed considering the hottest girl, The immense size of boobs and hips with the slim belly make its look incredible. Moreover, the intelligent belly allows you to hold the sex doll easily while having vaginal sex.

Breast Size

The huge breast sex doll is available in all sizes. You can buy curvy sex dolls in small, medium, large, extra-large, and XXL sizes as well. A vast variety of sizes in body structure allow you to buy the hottest sex dolls of your choice—the bust sizes of huge breast sex dolls are also available from 55 inches to 64 inches. The massive size of the breast will make you crazy while having love with it.


Weight of Sex Doll

The weight of huge breast sex doll matters as you have to move it while having sex. The weight of a sex doll increases with the increase in the size of the breast bust. You can buy curvy sex dolls 10 from 66 lbs to 132 lbs—the size of a sex doll adjusted to the weight of a real smart girlfriend. The lightweight allows you to move or bend it as per your need while loving it.

Waist Size

The waist size of the huge breast sex doll is meager. You can hold it easily while having vaginal or anal sex. The slim waist between the big size boobs and hips make it look attractive and stimulating for boys.

Hips Size

The hip size of a huge breast sex doll is crazy. Doggy-style lovers attract to the enormous size of hips. You can buy curvy sex dolls 10 from 34 inches to 44 inches in hip size.  


Final Verdict

You can buy curvy sex dolls to have the enormous pleasure that you never had before. The huge breast sex doll, made from a safe material, protects the user from any injury during oral, anal, or vaginal sex. The hottest sex dolls' slim bodies with big-sized boobs and hips attract the user and provide safe, satisfied, and crazy love.

STS lifelike sex dolls are known for their unbelievable bodies and extremely detailed design from head to toe. This doll will offer you a sexual experience that you have never had before.

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This is the first vibrator I bought for myself as I wanted to explore my body more and it definitely does the job, once you get to higher vibration speeds it is very powerful and I love it too Warm it up, it's super comfortable, and remember to use lube!It’s my favorite toy I’ve had! Especially for the price!


John Robbert

This product is very powerful and really gets the job done.The charge lasts a long time and it is easy to charge back up when dead. Just plug it in to USB port. It is very small and discrete and it can be taken anywhere in your pocket or purse. It is waterproof as well which helps with using lubricant to give you more pleasure.


Maria Garcia

As someone with a latex allergy this one is PERFECT for me. The size and girth are both exquisite. And the detail on the veins and coloring are super realistic. The suction cup is STRONG… Discreet and sealed packaging both comfortable and safe for delivering this awesome product.


David Martinez

Thank you so much! You guys have the best deals and AMAZING customer service! I will definitely be buying from again in the very near future and will tell all of my naughty friends, lol! Thanks again for everything!!!


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