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auto male masturbator Cup toy vagina sucker

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Heat-able Hands-Free Male Masturbator Cup discreet vagina sucker The heat able male masturbator cup is the best discreet male masturbation toy available in the...
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auto male masturbator Cup toy vagina sucker


Heat-able Hands-Free Male Masturbator Cup discreet vagina sucker

The heat able male masturbator cup is the best discreet male masturbation toy available in the market. It’s low vibration sound makes it the best discreet male masturbation toy. This heat able male masturbator cup has dual functionality as it can provide the pleasure of oral sex along with powerful stimulations to your penis. It is designed to provide real time stimulations as it comes along with a hands free vagina sucker. The heat able male masturbator cup is just not an ordinary masturbator; it can help you train for prolong ejaculation so that you can have the maximum pleasure. This discreet male masturbation toy comes with 6 vibration modes which you can adjust according to your comfort and pleasure level. The heating function is there so that you can enjoy the maximum pleasure.

After ten thousand experiments on this discreet male masturbation toy, this upgraded length of heat able male masturbator cup will be appropriate for 98% of men, whether or not it's miles away from an awesome-length penis or a medium-period penis. Any men can effortlessly adapt to this hands-free vagina sucker. Plus, the awesome-sensible cloth creates a three-D effect, making you attain orgasm quickly. This heat able male masturbator cup is waterproof, making it safe to be used in water. You can use this hands-free vagina sucker within water to attain maximum pleasure and satisfaction. We are devoted to shielding your privacy; therefore, we make sure that your items may be introduced to you without spreading your private info.


How to use heat able male masturbation cup

It's relatively easy to use. All you need to do is follow the steps to turn on this discreet male masturbation toy. First, press and hold the switch on the heat able male masturbator cup to vibrate shortly before the toggle button changes the vibration mode. Each short press of the vibration button + / increases or decreases the intensity of the vibration. Long press the temperature button to open/close the heating function.

Following are to be taken care of while using this hands-free vagina sucker

When using the heat able male masturbator cup, please allow a slight measurement deviation for the data. Always clean this discreet male masturbation toy before and after you use it. It is recommended that you only use water-based lubricants. Silicone-based lubricants cause a dissolution reaction.


Benefits of the Heat able Male Masturbation Cup are as below:

  • This Hands-free vagina sucker is Super relaxing and is the most secure discreet male masturbation toy. It is Made of 100% scientific silicone and ABS, which is 100% safe and odorless.
  • This discreet male masturbation toy presents a Highly emulation experience: Its Automatic heating function brings the actual emulation feeling of Oral intercourse and Sexual experience.
  • This heat-able male masturbator cup has a large capacity battery. It is also waterproof and is rechargeable. This allows you to have maximum pleasure by using it wherever you want; it vibrates for over 60 minutes when fully charged.
  • This hands-free vagina sucker comes in Secret Packing. The package is totally discreet and private to ensure your privacy and respect your privacy.



We mentioned guidelines and product specifications relating to heat able male masturbator cup to help you choose the best fun of your choice. I am pretty sure that after reading the reviews; The hands-free vagina sucker can be said to be the best among the discreet male masturbation toys. We ensure that our products should be designed in a way so you can have a pleasurable time and can enjoy orgasm with satisfying love for a long time.

Why choose Heat-able male masturbator cup?

The heat-able male masturbator cup has Vacuum thrust experience and interactive pressure experimentation for customized play. It has Intelligent heating to 38 degrees. It has another distinct feature that creates Interactive moans from sexy girls. It has ten functional vibration modes. This discreet male masturbation toy is Healthy, soft, and comfortable to wear. It also has Hands free adjustable and removable base. You can also use the Headphone mode while using a hands-free vagina sucker. It can be Use with water-based lubricant. The size of heat able masturbator cup is 5.5 inches in length, and the diameter is 2.75 inches. It is available in white color.

Wash & Keep Method of heat-able male masturbator cup:
  1. The heat-able male masturbator cup should be washed with water directly (do not use hot water).
  2. Remember to clean the hands-free vagina sucker with soap, do not use alcohol to wash the item.
  3. This discreet male masturbation toy should be kept in the shade
  4. It is better to use a single person's heat-able male masturbator cup rather than multiple users.
  5. It should be kept away from the reach of children.
  6. Prohibit minors from buying
Warranty and return policy

We offer a two-year warranty on heat able male masturbator cup. In a case you have received a damaged hands-free vagina sucker, you can send the damaged box to our main store, and we will replace it with the new one for you. In case you wish to return the discreet male masturbation toy for some reason, in which case you can return the sealed box at the company's point of sale in total, will be refunded following a procedure. In both cases, you must return the product within 30 days of purchase.






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Luxury Heatable Thrusting Male Masturbator
Product code:08A0057
- Auto heating to 37 degrees, thrusting function supported
- Built in 5 country girls moans
- Vibrating 6 function simulator male masturbator
- Built in push button interface lets your operate the toy with ease
- Features textured bumps, nodules, nubs and ridges
- Hands free adjustable and removeable base
- Powered by USB charge
- Material: Silicone + ABS
- Colors:White
- Size: 8.66" long, 3.15" wide

A: Regular, without bulit-in voice
B: Voice, bulit-in voice
Tips: Bulit-in voice function is supported only when you choose Voice style.

Perfect for hands-free climaxes, activate the toy with a push of a button and explore solo play, or hand the toy over to your lover and let them take control of your pleasure.

Try the rapid vibrates of its highest setting for a wild, intense session or indulge in relentless, slower thrusts for stamina training and a slower-building climax. How long can you last?

The toy's supple insert stretches to accommodate most men, while a handy twist and pull feature allows for easy cleaning.

Lash it up with lube and off you go!

Wash & Keep Method:
1.Wash with water directly(do not use hot water).
2.Cleaning with soap,do not use alcohol to wash the item
3.Kept in the shade
4.Private things,no multi-users.
5.Stay away from Children
6.Prohibit minors from buying

1:All dimensions are measured by hand, there may be 2-3cm deviations.                          
2:Due to limitations in photography and the inevitable differences in monitor settings,Color in kind prevail.

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This is the first vibrator I bought for myself as I wanted to explore my body more and it definitely does the job, once you get to higher vibration speeds it is very powerful and I love it too Warm it up, it's super comfortable, and remember to use lube!It’s my favorite toy I’ve had! Especially for the price!


John Robbert

This product is very powerful and really gets the job done.The charge lasts a long time and it is easy to charge back up when dead. Just plug it in to USB port. It is very small and discrete and it can be taken anywhere in your pocket or purse. It is waterproof as well which helps with using lubricant to give you more pleasure.


Maria Garcia

As someone with a latex allergy this one is PERFECT for me. The size and girth are both exquisite. And the detail on the veins and coloring are super realistic. The suction cup is STRONG… Discreet and sealed packaging both comfortable and safe for delivering this awesome product.


David Martinez

Thank you so much! You guys have the best deals and AMAZING customer service! I will definitely be buying from again in the very near future and will tell all of my naughty friends, lol! Thanks again for everything!!!


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