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We are aiming for satisfying pleasure.

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STS makes game-changing adult toys for modern intimacy from your bedroom to any place you want to take your fun to. No rules shall be followed, unless they’re your own. LOVED from beginners to experts, STS brings sexual satisfaction to solo riders and couples of all genders.

Great sex doesn’t simply JUST happen. And there shouldn’t be any stigma around that. Period. To live with this misconception, and worse, to suffer from it, is simply wrong.

Sometimes, we may need a toy or two to bring the fun and the orgasm, to discover yourself and your body, or to deepen the bond you have with your loved one.

Our mission is to engineer toys for solo & partner play, to make them versatile and friendly to all your curiosity whims and spicy dreams.

Our toys are designed for everyone regardless of ages, genders, or sexuality, because everyone should be equal when it comes to pleasure and sexual freedom. Besides, our toys are made in close collaboration with sex therapists, sexologists, along with taking in all of your feedback. We will continually improve ourselves to make sure you get the pleasure you deserve.


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