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Male Automatic Stroker Vibrating penis toys

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Male Automatic Stroker Vibrating penis toys Young male masturbation is very common among young boys, and most of the time, they go to...
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Male Automatic Stroker Vibrating penis toys

Male Automatic Stroker Vibrating penis toys


Male Automatic Stroker Vibrating penis toys

Young male masturbation is very common among young boys, and most of the time, they go to the house of prostitution or fulfill their pleasure of ejaculation by hand masturbation. It can cause damage to their sexual health or maybe the carrier of some viral diseases. But now you can get the ejaculation pleasure of having sex with a real girl with our new design automatic masturbator cup. Buy vibrating penis toys to bring the joy of penis stimulation without any damage to health.

The automatic masturbator cup is the new design metal body robust thrusting penis toy for the young male masturbation. The ejaculation pleasure by multiple rotating speed modes of automatic masturbators leads you to buy vibrating penis toys for young male masturbation. The champagne color automatic masturbator cup is equipped with a self-protected way, and the realistic vaginal design provides you the pleasure of sex with a natural girl.


No doubt, You buy vibrating penis toys for full-time enjoyment, but the young male masturbation cup can't use in the water despite the unique metal design. The automatic masturbator cup has built-in multiple girls sounds that give you the feeling of playing with a real girl.

Telescopic & Vibrating Modes

You have to grip the penis and move back and forth to stimulate the penis sensation for young male masturbation. But if you buy vibrating penis toys, you don't need to get tired of your hand or body to ejaculate; the automatic masturbator cup will vibrate automatically to give you the pleasure of satisfying ejaculation.

The automatic masturbator cup has three telescopic patterns and ten different vibrating modes to give users a new charm every time they use the other mode. You can buy vibrating penis toys to facilitate your mood with the distinct pleasures of young male masturbation.   

Self-Protection Mode

The automatic masturbator cup has a self-protection mode button that will enable you to switch off young male masturbation to protect your penis from any injury during masturbation.

Anti-Slippery Design

While performing the young male masturbation, the main problem is that the other automatic male masturbator cup slipped from the hands due to a slippery body or no place to grip firmly. You can buy vibrating penis toys for the powerful grip and anti-slippery features. The automatic masturbator cup has a unique embedded design at the bottom side to firmly grip the automatic masturbator without losing the grip while enjoying the young male masturbation.


Realistic 4D Pussy

The young male masturbation cup hole must be like the real girl vagina to get the pleasure of sex with a real girl. The automatic masturbator cup has a soft internal structure, made from the soft silicone + ABS and TRP material to ensure gentle frictions for penis sensation while rotating the vibrator. You can buy vibrating penis toys with the surety of a real virgin sex partner due to the realist 4D pussy of an automatic masturbator cup.

Girls Voice Mode

The sound of girls enhances the men's pleasure while playing with the vagina and buy vibrating penis toys to increases the desire to play crazier. The automatic masturbator has a built-in three-girls voice option that you can change every time you perform male masturbation. The built-in headphone option lets you involved in the pleasure without having any distractions from side areas.

Comfortable for all

The automatic masturbator cup is comfortable with all penis size for young male masturbation. The size of the automatic masturbator is 25.3 cm long and 7.5 cm in width. A long-sized penis can also get ejaculation pleasure with the natural long vaginal cavity of an automatic masturbator cup.


ECO friendly

You can buy vibrating penis toys to enjoy young male masturbation in an eco-friendly environment. The automatic masturbator cup has less vibration noise, i.e., less than 50 dB; the less noise will let you enjoy the depth of pleasure without disturbing your emotions.

Rechargeable Masturbator

The automatic masturbator provides multiple times young male masturbation with its rechargeable battery. You can buy vibrating penis toys for continuous masturbation enjoyment for 1.5 hours after a single recharge of 3 hours. No doubt the automatic masturbator cup has a long charging time, but It can provide prolonged fun with strong thrusting vibration modes.   

Easy to Use

You can buy vibrating penis toys without worrying about the use and operation because the automatic masturbator cup is easy to use and control. The long-size automatic masturbator has features directing buttons on the downside to operating easily while performing the young male masturbation. There are three buttons installed on the handle side of the automatic masturbator:

  1. Sound Button
  2. Telescopic Mode Button
  3. Vibration Mode Button

You can press the sound button to enjoy the three different girl's sounds. By pressing the telescopic movement button, you can change the telescopic mode while young male masturbation. The third button will enable you to change the vibration pattern and speed. You can buy vibrating penis toys, even if you are a beginner at young male masturbation.

Easy to Clean

You have to clean the automatic masturbator cup after every young male masturbation; the proper cleaning will improve the quality of the product and enhance life for prolong use. Remove the top cap and clean the ejaculation fluids from the automatic masturbator cup. Don't use the detergents of alcohol-based solutions for cleaning the young male masturbation cup. So, Buy vibrating penis toys and keep proper cleaning to use multiple times.

User Reviews

The user reviews of the young male masturbation with an automatic masturbator cup are positive and encouraging that will build your confidence to buy vibrating penis toys with the surety of proper sucking and stimulating the penis sensation.

Final Verdict

After reading the reviews, this thing cleared that the automatic masturbator cup can pleasure sex with a real girl with its realistic 4D pussy. You can buy vibrating penis toys for the hygiene young male masturbation and don't need to visit costly and risky prostitution houses to lose your health. You can get the desired sexual satisfaction with the soft telescopic and vibrating modes of the automatic masturbator cup.     


Male Masturbator Cup Vibrator Realistic Vagina Pussy Automatic Thrusting Stroker Built-in Voice 
Product code:08A0009

- Multi-function:10 amazing different vibrating modes,3 powerful different stretching-out and drawing-back speeds,3 kinds of real sound mode,cycle switch ,you can choose the most comfortable mode and enjoy it.
- No-slip and Fashion Design:High-grade champagne,diamond fashion quality appearance,outer lines maximizes the friction,with the metal buckle to offer better grip without falling off.
- High quality material:Made of medical grade TRP material.Soft and elastic,it's as real as vagina's skin and feels like you are having sex with the tightest virgin.

Waterproof performance: NOT waterproof
Charging time: 3 hours
Continuous working hours: 1.5 hours

Item Specifics:
Item Type:Masturbators
Material: ABS+Silicone
Power: USB Rechargeable design
Noise:≤ 50db

- 3 telescopic modes
- 10 vibrating modes 
- Realistic 4D vaginal design
- 3 real-girl-voice modes
- Headphone mode supported
- Safe and healthy - Self-protected power-off function
- Simple operation interface
- USB rechargeable design

Wash & Keep Method:
1.Wash liner rubber with water directly(do not use hot water). The cup shell is not waterproof, do not wash.
2.Cleaning with soap,do not use 84 detergent,alcohol to wash the item
3.Kept in the shade
4.Private things,no multi-users.
5.Stay away from Children
6.Prohibit minors from buying

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This is the first vibrator I bought for myself as I wanted to explore my body more and it definitely does the job, once you get to higher vibration speeds it is very powerful and I love it too Warm it up, it's super comfortable, and remember to use lube!It’s my favorite toy I’ve had! Especially for the price!


John Robbert

This product is very powerful and really gets the job done.The charge lasts a long time and it is easy to charge back up when dead. Just plug it in to USB port. It is very small and discrete and it can be taken anywhere in your pocket or purse. It is waterproof as well which helps with using lubricant to give you more pleasure.


Maria Garcia

As someone with a latex allergy this one is PERFECT for me. The size and girth are both exquisite. And the detail on the veins and coloring are super realistic. The suction cup is STRONG… Discreet and sealed packaging both comfortable and safe for delivering this awesome product.


David Martinez

Thank you so much! You guys have the best deals and AMAZING customer service! I will definitely be buying from again in the very near future and will tell all of my naughty friends, lol! Thanks again for everything!!!


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