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Realistic 156cm (5ft1') Lifesize Sex Doll for Adult Men - Isla

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Realistic 156cm (5ft1') Lifesize Sex Doll for Adult Men - Isla  This Realistic sex doll for sale is one of our premium products....
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Realistic 156cm (5ft1') Lifesize Sex Doll for Adult Men - Isla

Realistic 156cm (5ft1') Lifesize Sex Doll for Adult Men - Isla


Realistic 156cm (5ft1') Lifesize Sex Doll for Adult Men - Isla

 This Realistic sex doll for sale is one of our premium products. Isla is a sign of beauty and excellence. You can be 100% sure about getting sexual satisfaction with the use of our 156cm cheap love doll.


Are you trying to spicy up your sexual life with an adult sex doll for men? Or is this boring to spend time with your partner?  Or maybe you are in search of something different? Lots of questions, huh? Answer them to yourself! The answers might be wondering to you! But they are expected and you truly need a Realistic sex doll for sale to satisfy yourself. Keen to know the best parts of this adult sex doll for men? Continue reading!

Realistic sex doll for sale: 80% OFF

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You will get up to 80% OFF with the use of this code ‘LOVE’ with any adult sex doll for men! Great, right?


Just pay the bill and get your rewards, even with this 156cm cheap love doll! But remember the code to use while purchasing.

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Superb Functions & Materials

Let’s now talk about the size of the Realistic sex doll for sale. Usually, all of our love dolls are made to ensure that you feel like you are playing with a real girl. With a height of 5ft 1 inch and 87 pounds weight, this adult sex doll for men can only amaze you with her softness and flexibility.

Did you have a look at the breasts, pal? Oh, this 156cm cheap love doll is very appealing with her beautiful, juicy, and fruity breasts! Perfect for breast sex, aren’t they?


This Realistic sex doll for sale is superb for both anal and vaginal sex. You will feel the inner design of the vagina and anal of this adult sex doll for men while stroking. They are separated from each other and always ready to give your cock diverse sensations. The stimulation that our adult sex doll for men generates is intense and pleasurable.

Material? Oh, that is absolutely remarkable for this Realistic sex doll for sale with the use of TPE. As a result, the adult sex doll for men is very friendly to your skin. Goosebumps and pores are there to ensure strong penetration for your cock. So, this naughty 156cm cheap love doll is always ready to open her legs for you!

As metal skeleton has been used in this Realistic sex doll for sale, there are options for using different positions. So, it’s up to you about which position you are going to use to have sex. When you start using the adult sex doll for men, you will understand how moveable all the joints are!


Privacy matters here in terms of adult sex dolls for men. So, we ensure that there is no sign of any love doll to respect your privacy while shipping the product.

If you have any specific demands about the packaging of the Realistic sex doll for sale, feel free to let us know.

Benefits You Will Have…

Let’s now know what the users think about the Realistic sex doll for sale. One of our users from Hong Kong, says, “When I decided to buy this 156cm cheap love doll, I was a little bit confused about the quality and shipping time. But when I got the delivery, I came to learn that it was on time. And the quality of the adult sex doll for men is superb, I really enjoy spending time with Isla. Moreover, I got a 60% discount on the Realistic sex doll for sale, I forgot the code though!”

That is how our Realistic sex doll for sale satisfies her users. Moreover, this 156cm cheap love doll is perfect for the big boys because of her unique design and durability.


As I have said earlier, you have all 3 types of sexual pleasure with the use of our adult sex doll for men. Isn’t it crazy? Just pick your spot and start stroking. Importantly, stop jerking!

Furthermore, the Realistic sex doll for sale is very cheap comparing with others in terms of quality and multi role compatibility.

Why to Choose Our Store?

  • You will have all kinds of sex toys including Realistic sex dolls for sale in our online store.
  • We offer amazing offers and discounts to our customers on every purchase.
  • You will get the shipping facility of this adult sex doll for men all around the world (Make sure that your country or state does not have any law or restrictions against love dolls or related products)
  • You will get 2 years of warranty with this 156cm cheap love doll. Keep the warranty card safe.
  • Free return within 30 days if you get any damaged product. You are requested to have a look at the return policy.
  • Discreet packaging with no sign of a Realistic sex doll for sale.
  • We offer products at a reasonable price with top quality.
  • Our customer service is always available and ready to help you fix any issue.

How to Use?

After getting the delivery, unpack the Realistic sex doll for sale carefully. Then, merge all the parts according to the manual to make her ready for play.


While having vaginal and anal sex, use any kind of lubricant in the canals. This will ensure thrilling stimulation and the safety of the skin of the adult sex doll for men.

We recommend you use a condom while having sex with the 156cm cheap love doll. But this is not mandatory.

As doggy style is very popular, you may feel the excitement that way. But be sure that you don’t put full weight on the Realistic sex doll for sale.

How to clean the Realistic sex doll for sale?

Cleaning the adult sex doll for men is precious for lifetime use. Especially, the anal and vaginal canals. In this case, you can use warm water immediately after the play.

In terms of the skin of the Realistic sex doll for sale, you may use a soft cloth. Just pat down the skin of your 156cm cheap love doll. Don’t try it too hard on her.

Make sure that you dry the Realistic sex doll for sale and keep her in a cool place. Renewal powder can be used on her skin. Also, keep the sharp objects away from the 156cm cheap love doll to avoid damage.   

Isla Realistic Lifesize Sex Doll for Men. She is the perfect toy for big boys

LifeSize Adult Sex Doll - Made from High-Quality TPE

156cm (5ft1') Realistic Lifesize Sex Doll for Men - Isla displayed with Head# 233

Oral, vaginal and anal capabilities

  • Height: 156cm | 5ft 1 inch
  • Full Bust: 93cm | 36.6 inch
  • Waist: 54cm | 21.3 inch
  • Hips: 96cm | 37.8 inch
  • Weight: 39.5kg | 87 lbs.
  • Under Bust: 65cm | 25.5 inch
  • Arm: 63cm | 24.8 inch.
  • Shoulders: 37cm | 14.6 inch
  • Calf: 34cm | 13.4 inch.
  • Thigh: 56cm | 22 inch
  • Leg: 72cm | 28.3 inch
  • Foot: 20.5cm | 8 inch
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      This is the first vibrator I bought for myself as I wanted to explore my body more and it definitely does the job, once you get to higher vibration speeds it is very powerful and I love it too Warm it up, it's super comfortable, and remember to use lube!It’s my favorite toy I’ve had! Especially for the price!


      John Robbert

      This product is very powerful and really gets the job done.The charge lasts a long time and it is easy to charge back up when dead. Just plug it in to USB port. It is very small and discrete and it can be taken anywhere in your pocket or purse. It is waterproof as well which helps with using lubricant to give you more pleasure.


      Maria Garcia

      As someone with a latex allergy this one is PERFECT for me. The size and girth are both exquisite. And the detail on the veins and coloring are super realistic. The suction cup is STRONG… Discreet and sealed packaging both comfortable and safe for delivering this awesome product.


      David Martinez

      Thank you so much! You guys have the best deals and AMAZING customer service! I will definitely be buying from again in the very near future and will tell all of my naughty friends, lol! Thanks again for everything!!!


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