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We Advocate Concept


STS is concerned that there are many poor women in the world who have "menstrual poverty". This is a problem that affects millions of people but is still not fully understood.

In Kenya, 65% of women cannot afford any products during menstruation. This has caused millions of women to lose work and study opportunities, and some even sell their bodies in exchange for sanitary napkins. In rural Kenya, two-thirds of women can only get money for sanitary napkins from their sexual partners.

Sanitary napkins in Bangladesh are luxury accessories. For women workers, sanitary napkins are no different from a good glass of red wine-they belong to the rich.

In a textile factory in Bangladesh, when millions of women workers stuffed a sanitary cloth called "Joot" into their trousers, the problem has not been resolved. Poverty also brings water problems. This reusable sanitary cloth requires strict washing and drying, but they can only continue to use it after washing it with dirty water, and they don’t even have soap.

Uganda has also promoted reusable cushions, but promotion is one thing, and supporting facilities are another. The girls found that there were no pipes for washing the pads in the school, and the girls could only put the used pads in their school bags and take them home to wash them. I also have to worry about being frightened by other students turning over their schoolbags. In the end, some girls can only not change the pads for a day. They feel itchy and stuffy during class, and they are worried about side leakage, so that they can't concentrate on listening at all.

Menstruation is a normal physiological law for women to be born, but it cannot be guaranteed. Requirement to be eligible for menstrual hygiene products is not hypocritical, but a right. Because we all know that when a person can't even be clean, confident, and unfettered, they have no way to truly pursue equality and pursue unlimited opportunities.

Yes, women bleed, but they also have the right to bleed decently. Long-term menstrual poverty is caused by reproductive system infections, skin

Inflammation and mental health problems also prevent them from embarking on job interviews, social activities, and school. Fortunately, more and more people have realized the problem of menstrual poverty and have begun to solve it.

STS also joined the ranks, with three months as a quarter. STS will set aside 20% of each quarter's profit to help these women solve "menstrual poverty".

When someone pays attention to ‘menstrual poverty’, it can become a problem. When it becomes a problem, we can start to solve

Determine it. I hope that next time a girl is struggling to buy sanitary products during her menstruation, she will hear fewer fussing "Don't even have money to buy sanitary napkins?", and more people will help them to speak out and find a way out of their troubles.


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