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heated male masturbator spinning oral sex simulator toy

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heated male masturbator spinning oral sex simulator toy  Are you looking for oral sex simulator toy  ? We just have the right...
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heated male masturbator spinning oral sex simulator toy 

Are you looking for oral sex simulator toy  ? We just have the right product that will be best suitable for you. Our oral sex heated male masturbator   is a realistic vagina pussy along with features of oral sex vagina and lively suction cup. heated male masturbator  is a solo male masturbation toy and is one of the best sex products for solo male masturbation.


Size of oral sex heated male masturbator

The oral sex heated male masturbator measures 3.6inch×3.6inch×7.1inch, a superbly sized solo male masturbation toy for every kind of men. The insertable length of each canal of oral sex vagina is 5.1inch. The oral sex vagina is designed in such a way to enable you more durable dick saltation inside it freely, which feels therefore good. The stroker's tunnel of this solo male masturbation toy is quite extensive. However, her size is small, don't worry, it is not too heavy. The 3d realistic vagina is straightforward to hold which makes it easier to use while you're on a business trip or after travelling.

Lifelike design of oral sex heated male masturbator

The labia of this solo male masturbation toy are designed like a girl who craves sex. The epithelial duct of 3d realistic vagina shows you slightly increasing labia, exposing the enlarged clit and wet vagina thirstily wishing to satisfy her sexual desire and want you to overcome her. The oral sex vagina feels surprisingly real. Therefore, you'll immerse yourself in the fantasy.

Solo male masturbation sex toy

It is a two in one solo male masturbation sex toy with a realistic 3d vagina and asshole. Intelligent induction fever, One of the attractive stroker feature of this oral sex vagina toy is an ideal duplicate of her tight pussy, whereas the opposite hole features her naughty, very little ass hole that can suck your massive penis. Apart from that, the stroker boasts two distinctive internal textures for versatile fun and climax. Act and decide a hole and intensify the pleasure. The 3d realistic vagina can be used for a quickie as well.


Safe to use
oral sex simulator toy realistic vagina is made of TPE material that is soft, flexible, skin-friendly and has no unhealthy smell. A special realistic material is used to design this solo male masturbation toy. The oral sex vagina toy is specially designed to mimic the design and feel of skin for the foremost life-like and safe sexual expertise possible. It's straightforward to scrub and keep in mind to wipe it clean and reserve it fastidiously for later use.

Discreet Packing of oral sex simulator toy
Your privacy is our priority; we value the privacy of our clients. The box's compact design is just what you need in a discreet toy; you can place it anywhere without anyone else ever finding this is an adult toy. And a special sealed box has been set out for delivery; they are shipped expressly and confidentially without any trace of suspicious tags/words.

oral sex heated male masturbator

Things to do after using the oral sex vagina:
The heated oral sex simulator toy vaginashould be washed with water directly (do not use hot water).
Remember to clean the oral sex vaginawith soap, do not use alcohol to wash the item.
This solo spinning male masturbationtoy should be kept in the shade
It is better to use a single person's 3d realistic vaginarather than multiple users.
It should be kept away from the reach of children.
Prohibit minors from buying.



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    Warranty and return policy

    We offer a two-year warranty on 3d realistic vagina. In a case you have received a damaged oral sex vagina, you can send the damaged box to our main store, and we will replace it with the new one for you. In case you wish to return the solo male masturbation toy for some reason, in which case you can return the sealed box at the company's point of sale in total, will be refunded following a procedure. In both cases, you must return the product within 30 days of purchase.



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    Hands Free Auto Male Masturbators with Sexual Screaming - Silicone pocket Pussy Stroker Realistic Oral Vagina Sex Toy for Men

    Product code:08A0006

    - Male masturbation, experience a sense of real, save effort and time, comfort Intelligent sucking, vibration, interactive sound, LED backlight

    Waterproof performance: life waterproof
    Charging time: 3 hours
    Continuous working hours: 1.5 hours
    Charging voltage: 220V (different voltage countries, regions need to use the transformer ')
    1. the standard version (suction + sexual moans + vibration)
    2. fever version (suction + sexual moans + vibration + heating)
    3. induction version (suction + induction sexual moans+ induced vibration)
    4. induction heating version (suction + heating + induction sexual moans + induction vibration)

    Item Specifics:
    Item Type:Masturbators
    Material: ABS+TPE
    Power: USB rechargeable design
    Noise: ≤ 40db

    - Intelligent induction fever, It can be controlled at 45 degrees 锛寉ou will feel better.
    - Intelligent suction, sucking 800 times per minute
    - Realistic vaginal design, touch real
    - Interactive girl voice ,it depend on your speed
    - Induced vibiration
    - LED back light
    - Deep throat, blow job, sucking

    Package include:
      1*Smart male masturbator
      1*USB cable
      1* lubricating oil
      1*Chinese Manual
      1* Cleaning tube

    Wash & Keep Method:
    1.Wash with water directly(do not use hot water).
    2.Cleaning with soap,do not use 84 detergent,alcohol to wash the item
    3.Kept in the shade
    4.Private things,no multi-users.
    5.Stay away from Children
    6.Prohibit minors from buying

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