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Christmas theme for adult dolls realistic

Christmas theme for adult dolls, I want to give my girlfriend a surprise.

Introduce my second girlfriend to him, how can I be surprised?

Look at his surprised eyes
Will love my creativity

adult sex dolls, OMG

Today is a good holiday, to increase our interest,
This is a sex doll with real skin

Can't wait to let him join us,adult dolls realistic.

adult dolls This is too real,I want to touch her big breasts

I like this adult dolls gift 

It feels like real skin tone and texture

I will insert the test first

Dear me too

Wow, the adult doll kissed me

Thank you for the Christmas present, my dear

Kiss my clitoris

"No, no, come on, I'm sorry, please don't stop," she said quickly.

"Don't joke like that," he said, turning off the vibrator.

She got up on her knees behind him, holding his shoulders. "I'm sorry."

"You're gonna send me straight to hell," adult dolls realistic muttered.

She started kissing his face. "No, you're in heaven with me, daddy."

He wrenched his face away. "Yeah, I will be when Mary kills the two of us."

She continued smothering his face with kisses. "That felt so good, daddy," she said into his ear.

"Yeah, yeah," he said trying to shrug her off.

"Let it out," she said. "It wants to play."

He grabbed her wrist.

She exhaled and nodded and watched him clamp the other nipple. She gasped. He laughed. She punched him playfully. She continued riding him, her body trying to make sense of the pleasure and the pain.

adult dolls realistic leaned over him and held her hair out of the way as she began licking up the cum. Her tongue ran up his stomach to his chest and flicked by his nipple.

Brothers, how did you surprise your girlfriend?

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